Tay & Shayne Hinton

If there was a way to give Mandy a 10 star rating, I would! There are no words to tell you how much love, support and guidance Mandy gave us throughout our wedding planning. We were unfortunately caught by Covid and had to postpone multiple times. But each time Mandy was the light that led us through our hardest days of doubt and confusion as to what to do next. Some days my morning text from Mandy saying, “Yay! 3 more months to go!” would give me the butterflies I needed to make me excited about my wedding all over again. As for on the day coordination, there is NOTHING Mandy won’t do to make sure your vision is everything you had dreamed and that your timeline runs as smoothly as possible. We mean it when we say that Mandy was by far the best decision we made when it came to our wedding day, and if we had to do it all over again we would always choose her!